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How to upload videos in excess of 60 minutes to Instagram?

I saw someone posting a 2 hour video on instagram. I also want to do the same to embed the code on the webflow website. Does anyone help me?

Your Q is too general.

Your issue related to Instagram -or- Webflow?

Start here:

Hi Siton_Sytems, My problem is related to Instagram.

  • This is the video they posted on instagram with the duration of 1:23:13s (
  • And here is the video I posted on instagram duration 1: 30: 22s. The error is as followsimage|690x402

@nguyenvanchinh just so you know, this really is a webflow only forum. We do allow questions about related software products when they are about how to use the two together. This seems like a question better suited to somewhere dealing with instagram.

I am working on a video webflow project with instagram video source. I’m having trouble posting videos of more than 60 minutes in length. Should I ask on the forum. Sorry if bothering you!

@nguyenvanchinh could you clarify what you’re trying to do? Do you want to put these instagram videos on your webflow site? If that’s the case, then this is a question we can help you with. If you’re wanting to post videos on instagram, that’s not something we can help with since that’s something specific to instagram and we haven’t got that expertise. You’re not bothering me, we just want to keep things focused on webflow :slight_smile: .