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How to upload my CSS or JS files

I have some js and css files. It’s for special functions and styles for elements. How i can connect and use it?

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here you go =)

I know about the Custom Code, but I would like to add your files frorm-style.css, form.js then to bind them like:

    <link href="frorm-style.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <script src="form.js"></script>

On page Custom Code can only add tags, I can’t see option to upload my .js or css-file.

At this time, you can either host those files on another server and call them with an absolute path or copy the code from those files and paste them into the custom code area.

But if I don’t have a server, and the possibility to upload these files to another location. I would like to have this opportunity was Webflow. Because that very uncomfortable now. And my files are very large, to add their text in CustomCode. Such a method is very uncomfortable for my code.


In case someone is also looking for an answer regarding uploading custom css and js files, I found this helpful link that explains how to use Google Drive to host the needed files: