How to update a Collection with Integromat an data from API?

I would like to update a Collection with Integromat.
With Integromat I can pull the data from an API and push it into an empty Collection.

But, how can I update the same Collection if the source-data has changed?
The problem is, that Integromat needs the Item-ID of an Item to update it.
Unfortunally I can’t store this ID to the data-source (API), because it is readonly.

Does some know if there is a way to solve that task?

Kind regards

That’s the meat of the matter! Updating existing CMS items. The trick is to use their data store component to cache the data and later lookup the data to find the item IDs.

But, it’s not easy.

That’s why I created PowerImporter to hide all that complexity. It takes care of all the caching and lookups for you, and even manages your reference fields too.

Unfortunately, it only supports the Airtable API for now. What is your data-source API?

Thanks for the hint to the data store component.
It is just a JSON-Array that I get from that API.

For now I just delete the complete Webflow Collection and add all items of the source again.
It is not very elegant but it works :slight_smile:

It took me a little more than a sunday to understand the possibilities of Integromat but as far as I can see, it is very versatile and powerfull and its pricemodel is very reasonable.