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How to turn off tutorial links and icons?

I have just found that there were in GUI added icons and links like tutorial: flexbox and it is really annoying. I do not need these links and extra icons in an already squeezed and busy GUI. These extra small elements make it hard to find what I need and now are there other unnecessary disturbing elements. IS THERE A WAY I CAN RID OFF THESE TUTORIALS LINKS?

I think it’s there to stay.

Thankfully it’s a web app so we can inject code to hide parts of it.

I’m hiding all the hat using Stylebot Chrome extension, and the following code:

/* Nukes the "Tutorial:Flexbox" Help link */
a.css-1xa3400-box-primitive-text-primitive {display:none}

/* Nukes the hats */
div.css-iitp12-box-primitive {display:none}

/* Nukes the dropdown hat at the top right */
div.kit-sidebar-tab div[style="display: flex; position: relative; margin-right: 4px;"] {display:none}

/* Moves the "Center Horizontally" button back to its original place */
div [aria-label="Center element horizontally. Requires fixed width."] + div {display:none}
div [aria-label="Center element horizontally. Requires fixed width."] {margin-right:0}

Hi @vincent thank you for tip. I really do not understand why Webflow Team think that people aren’t able to open browser window with webflow university and push EVERYONE to see icons and links that shouldn’t be there. I don’t see any reason why this rubbish HAVE to be there. I understand that many beginners may be find it useful, so Webflow team can make it as optional instead forcing us to use an external code to fix this.

IMHO instead creating GUI more busy they can create video how to search and find answers on internet. I can’t remember even one GUI of more complex programs that have links to tutorials implemented inside GUI without option switch them off.

Question is WHY and HOW is this beneficial tooI to improve program it self and WHY this HAVE to be there without easy option to switch it off? I would like to have an answers from webflow team what is the benefit of it.

Webflow is an online app, it provides real time statistics. It’s also an app that has some kind of steep learning curve. If adding the hat links in the UI increases engagement, make users return, stats show it quickly. The hats are still there, so I guess that’s the best method to increase engagement so far.

We can maybe hope to get a global switch to hide a layer of infos, but I’m sure that has to be included in a wider problematic. Small things can’t be added quickly, most of the time, they need to be solid and be there for as long as possible.

HI @vincent as I have mention before I have nothing agains to add help tooltips or links in UI as in other software they are also (as option) I just don’t get why I have to have help links in UI if I don’t need them.

It’s may be only me that this type of engagement doesn’t work for me as I have to deal with extra elements in already busy UI, more mouse movements to skip these, random pop-in tooltips I don’t need etc. I’m happy Webflow user but this spoon feeding I have to accept its IMHO not the best decision that have been made. I accept it but I’m looking forward to day when WF team reconsider their decision and make these spoon feeding links optional in account setting.

They can be visible in first place with option to switch them off if you don’t need them because you are already familiar with program. This is standard in other softwares why not in WF.

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