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How to trigger slider


This seems like a really basic question, but I’m struggling to find how to trigger a slide transition when the arrow button is selected.

I’ve taken the slider from a template, so I didn’t create it from scratch from the slider component. So far I’ve tried linking the arrow button to a page section (which is the next slide), but no luck. What am I missing?

Thank you!

Here is my read-only link:

You normally can’t move the slider’s arrows, but I think you should be able to recreate a functioning slider with what has been said in that topic. Even in the template you found, it doesn’t work.

I think you will have to recreate the slider from scratch since the real arrows have been deleted in your template.

EDIT: My bad, you can in fact move the arrows with absolute position, which is simpler than the solution I shared. Thanks to Stan

hi @hannahmorg

Statement that you can’t move the slider’s arrows, is not true
I have recently posted in other request how to position standard slider arrows. I will save your time to search for solutions that you can find on forum and here is link to my recent response but it is not only one on this forum.

That said it is always beneficial to first look around this forum for solutions before you place a new request. :wink:

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Thanks for the reply, but repositioning the slider arrows isn’t the goal…

Thanks for the reply - I read through the linked post but couldn’t see anything around how to trigger a slide transition. It looks like it’s mostly around how to reposition the arrows?

hi @hannahmorg If I have understand correctly your initial request you have asked how to trigger slider and I gave you solution to use provided slider buttons. I didn’t get why you responding that you didn’t ask for it. I see in your code that you have created new buttons but they have no connection to JS that trigger slides.

That’s why I respond the way I did, you can design these slider buttons the way you need and place them where you need. But If you aren’t happy how things are done in standard way you can always search for other solutions too. :wink:

EDIT: One thing I would like point out is that the post linked by @Yaca about how to is from 2016 and since then things changed.