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How to transition images inside slider

I want slider to display multiple images at a time where each image has different transition

i think you’ll need to find a custom jQuery plugin to do that kind of stuff.

Really, so theres no way to do that with webflow now?. Any help with the custom JQuery

Could you provide more details on that? I think I might have a solution but I need to know what exactly do you want.

check this sample website out

in the same slide…different images display at a time at intervals

Impossible within Webflow only and requires custom slider code. It can be done but you might need to pay someone to do that for you. And it’s not cheap.

@bartekkustra What suggestions could you give that is within webflow. you initially said you could help. can you shed insight on how i can do a similar thing

Now when you provided link I know that my solution wasn’t something you look for :slight_smile: I tought you want background to switch separately from the content :slight_smile:

Hey @dannesh we’ll be releasing something soon that will allow you to do these kinds of animation inside Webflow on different elements on the page, but not sliders. We will tackle that part in v2 release.

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@thesergie that is great. looking forward to it