How to transform a single button without transforming others of the same type?

I have multiple arrow buttons on my site and I want to rotate one of the arrows 90 degrees.

However when I transform that particular arrow, all of the other arrows on the site also rotate 90 degrees.

How do I unlink this arrow from others of the same type?

Hello @danielo, your button has a class right? just add a combo class to the button that you want to rotate and that change will only apply to the button with that combo class. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the help! The combo class did indeed allow me to rotate the arrow without changing other arrows in the class, but when I publish the site, the change doesn’t stick…

did you refresh the new changes?

Yes—for a bit more context, when I apply the combo class to the arrow I want to rotate, it also applies the combo class to all the other arrows. I went through them and deleted the combo classes for those arrows, but the it deletes the combo class on the original arrow too

That is strange, combo classes override the current class and its not apply to all the classes, it should look something like this on the styles panel:
Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 2.13.01 PM
Is the button part of a Collection? If it is part of a collection then yeah any changes made to that button it will apply to all the Collection items using the same button.