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How to track very customizable products?

Hey all - just started on my new project and so far this forum friendly vibe feels like home… found loads of help already! Keep it up all!

But due to, weirdness of my current project - I have a question regarding e-commerce product import/field construction (maybe it’s simple!)

I’m building a “customization booking” website where You can customize your experience in Amsterdam, so…
You pick date, level of experience (which is basically becomes wave + seats) and other settings - and you buy/book it. No shipping here, but -

The location has 20 seats or 5 tables and experiences have to sold per group, so group sizes are:
Small group = 4seats / 1table
Medium group = 8seats / 2tables
Large group = 12seats / 3tables
Party group = WHOLE LOCATION = 20seats / 5tables

And now, the QUESTION:

How should I formulate fields, so those 20 seats (or tables) would be trackable (SKU?) and we wouldn’t sell more than 20seats/5tables on the same day/wave?
Ex. somebody booked 1 table, somebody booked 2 tables and we have 2 tables left (today), so You can now either order SMALL OR MEDIUM group.
The trick is - basically EACH sold product ends up having at least this data in it - date + wave + group size + other custom features?

To sum up - I could easily upload monthly CSV file that has EACH possible EXPERIENCE with it’s time, wave and other possibilities filled in - but that would be way toooo messy, but then maybe I’m just missing some simple key logic component here (I’m guessing it should have something to do with CMS Collections).

Really would appreciate Your experience and brain power here!
Always colorful and positive -

Hi @ChuckleAdam.
Josh from Foxy here. What you’re after may be pretty difficult (or even impossible) with Webflow Ecommerce currently. Not to say that they won’t support it in the future, but we’ve helped multiple Webflow users with similar booking needs using our platform.

You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here: We’re more than happy to put together a proof of concept for you, hop on a phone call, etc. Just let us know.


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