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How to target iframe with link?

I am using custom data attributes to try and have a link block target an iframe on the page.

Custom data attribute on the first link on the page:

Custom embed code for iframe:

For now the target URL link is an external site, but will likely be an internal CMS item template page. Current behavior is that URL click opens page in a new tab.

Read-only link.

The target attribute is correct. The issue is that since your website is secure (using HTTPS), your links have to be using “https://” also otherwise you cannot load content.

Currently, the link is href=""

Updating to HTTPS URL’s allowed a default page to be loaded into the iframe. However, the target links are still opening in new tab vs. changing the content of the iframe.

I have tried with both ‘name’ and ‘id’ custom attributes, as well as verified that ‘open in new tab’ is not selected.


This project has secure headers turned on in the project hosting settings. Turn it off if you want to be able to show it within an iframe.


<iframe name="... in your original post screenshot was correct.