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How to take values from triggered objects such as buttons


We’ve recently exported our code to complete some back end integrations which includes a custom click function that will store a record in our MySQL database using PHP.

Unfortunately we’re having trouble finding where the current ‘trigger’ of clicking is saved in the webflow code (example, click on one a smiley face out of 5, that smiley face has a value that needs to be saved in a database)

The website already captures the ‘click’ but we can’t find where that record is stored.

Any advice would be great.



Hi @Matt.Morley, thanks for getting in touch. I would probably recommend using a jQuery click function, this way you can trigger code based on some class or id element that is clicked.

Take a peek here:

Maybe I am not quite understanding what exact “trigger” you are referring to. could you help to share the site link?

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