How to sync up 2 sliders on the same page

I am using 2 sliders, 1 to change text, 1 to change images. The two are related and I want them to change at the same time. Is there any way of linking them so that this can be done?
here is the web address of the page:
Thank you!

HI @andreifilimon that’s a good question. It doesn’t sound like we have that functionality, but can’t say for certain without more details.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Slider interactions would allow you to affect external elements (not another slider), but displaying or moving a corresponding element outside of the slider through targeting. The interaction on the second pseudo slider could trigger fade in / fade out or indexing a side scrolling or vertical scrolling strip of images in a mask using an interaction. Scrolling a strip of images would be the easiest I think.

Otherwise, one of the other javascript developers may be able to create a custom script to make a second slider mirror slides as a freelance project.