How to sync projects

Hello all!

We are currently running one project for our “staging” environment and another project for “production”. Only the production project has site hosting attached.

On launch we will need to move staging site into the production site. The best plan I can devise is using copy/paste between projects. i.e.

However, there is room for human error. Is there any method to “push” or “sync” the staging project into the prod project? If so that would be really powerful and load off my mind.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or ideas!

Hello @Nick78, welcome :smiley:

I don’t think there’s a simple solution to exactly this need, but!
What I usually do is work on a project and once it is published to the “real” domain, I keep my new edits published only to the domain. I use it to test and QA and once all is good, only the I publish again to the real domain…

Thanks @avivtech That’s what I figured too. In our situation we are releasing back to back to back websites for our client. So we need to be changing the active site while developing the next one in the chain. The ability to sync/diff between projects would be like faux CI. I’m loving the features Webflow provides. It’s a good product.

What we ended up doing is cancelling the hosting on the active Webflow project and right away adding it to the new project. Then just added hosting. The first time was instant, the second time we did it a month later we got a 404 page for 2 minutes then it came up and worked fine.

So you’re switching between projects for every update?