How to sync iOs mobile app data with Webflow

Hi All,

I’m non technical so please be patient if I explain something strange. For context: We’ve built a iOs mobile app marketplace where people can discover and book world class Experts (real people) for their time over a video call that occurs on our app. Now we are building the web version of the marketplace… however, since our webflow site isn’t synced to our backend… I am manually updating our Experts’ (basically our inventory) bios, prices, categories, profile photo’s etc. We are growing fast and I am looking for this information to be synced/automated to our backend that way the webflow CMS is updated whenever there is a change. What is the best way to do this? My apologies if this isn’t explained correctly.

Please ask me questions if I’m not explaining with enough detail. Thank you so much in advance!

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As a proof of concept I can see Webflow being used, however, since the API is weak and rate limited , and webflow has significant record limitations it won’t get you where you need to go. I suggest you bring in an architect.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Jeff. This is helpful. To your point, this will be a temporary solution until we bring on a full time web dev in the near future. However for now, I’m working with our full stack iOS dev to get this to work. What information course of action could I present to him to get this to work?

Are tools like Zapier a solution, connecting Amazon S3 to Webflow CMS? Or am I off on that?

Thanks again!

Sorry but consulting is something I provide as a service. If you are interested then feel free to reach out.