How to switch in updated page for old and still keep links?

Hello everyone,

For published pages (both static and collection pages) in need of a lot of changes and longer review time, I create a duplicate of the page to work from in draft while the original remains published. My question is how to switch the new page in for the original when it is ready to be published.

Simply changing the name and slug of the original to a temporary name and then changing the new page name and slug to the original page’s name and slug works fine, but everything that was connected to the original page (links, mulit-ref) wants to connect to the original page’s new name/slug rather than the new updated page.

What is the best way to handle larger overhauls of pages?

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You have 2 options for this:

  1. Keep the old page and put a redirect script in the which will send visitors to the new page.

  2. Just paste all of the content from the new page into the old page - so, the page itself is the same, but you’ve done a full overhaul of content.

2 is ideal, 1 is an option.