How to swap images with parallax...example site included

Anyone know how to do something like this:

Where as you scroll the image swaps out so that it looks like the image is rotating in 3d???

I have a client requesting this specific type of feature.


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Hi @jondabach,

There is a very nice sequencer which might be a nice solution but it’s more video kind of image sequence:

Otherwise just with Webflow the idea would be to have the different images stacked on top of each others with a fixed position and also empty divs which will be use for triggering scroll into view interactions in the flow of the page.

Each div would trigger a hiding and showing animation of the images giving the illusion of the animation on scroll. The height of those divs would define the amount of scrolling needed to display the next image.

You can also define a while scrolling in view animation playing with the opacity of each image.

In any case you would need to have an image sequence of the different rotations of your object.

I hope it make sens.