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How-to // Support Form on your website with Embed Code - Zendesk

Hi :sweat_smile:

If you use Zendesk ‘Support’, you can put the Assistance-Button on each page of your website, like this :

Zendesk is not free, but start at affordable $5/month (ticketing management by mail and web widgets like form we will configure here).

First, create an account at Zendesk (take a few minutes !) :
(a free trial period is set anyway with all options of ‘Support’)

Then, go to the Settings of your Zendesk dashboard

A lot of options is show, go to Widgets

Then you have to configure your Form (its well explained by Zendesk).
When you are done, go to the setting tab, and copy the Embed-Code.

Go to Webflow -> Project settings -> Custom Code
Paste your code in the Footer Code section.
Save, then publish your site to see result.

Tadammmm :crazy_face: