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How to style the select form?

I cannot change the background color. Any help?

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Hey @rafagama54 can you please share your read-only link so that we can further assist you?

Thank you,

Waldo :slight_smile:

If you referring to (I guess you do) to the select field tied to the contact form, that one is not customizable at the moment. There’s very little you can do with it at the moment; change the text etc. But I know this has been up for wish earlier so It’s definately some list at the Webflow Staff.

In the past you could change the background of the select list albeit having a gradient-ish background, so I’m with you on this one why it’s not changeable at the moment (just tried myself and It didn’t work).

Somebody? @thewonglv, @cyberdave


Yes, @StevenP I was referring to the select field. Its strange you can style some things but not the others.

Thanks @Waldo, It looks at the moment we cannot give style to the select field. At least from the UI.


I would like to know if there is a way to style the SELECT element using custom code or from the designer. I would like to give it a transparent background because it is look odd as you can see from the picture.


Just an FYI to anyone trying to customize a “select field” element: I was able to do this by adding a transparent overlay on the background of the element instead of changing the background color. For some reason, adding a gradient or overlay works to style these elements, but changing the color does not.


Thank you! @jordanshotwell
Very useful.
I noticed you can also change the type and stroke on that field.
That’s awesome.