How to style a Selection-Element or how to add values to a Webflow-Dropdown?

I try to style a Selection-Element. Styling it seems to complicated with JS or needs external Libraries which I cannot upload to Webflow.
This is why I ask how to do it with onboard Components.
There is that Dropdown-Component of Webflow.
But I wanna add a Value to each entry, similar to a HTML Selection-Element.

Thus, how can I add a Value to each entry of Webflow Dropdown-Component?

  <select id='zimmer' style='display:inline-block' onchange='filterTable()' class='w-select select-field'>
    <option selected='selected' value=''>Alle</option>
    <option value='2.5'>2.5</option>
    <option value='3.5'>3.5</option>
    <option value='4.5'>4.5</option>

Kind regards





Thanks for the answer.
That’s basically the same as a Selection-Element.
In my opinion they look not so nice in Mobile View.

That’s why I wanted to try it with a Webflow-Dropdown-Component (not a Selection-Element).

How can I add the Value-Parameters on a Webflow-Dropdown-Component?

Kind regards

Only by custom code. Add the value by custom attribute. Or get the text from the active dropdowm.

But what you want to do with thus values? (Hard to answer like this). Any codepen -or- close example?

Wanna filter a table.
But thanks, I was hoping for a non-code-solution :slight_smile: