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How to structure sections similar to new Abstract website

Hi everyone!

I recently came across the overhaul of Abstract’s website and have been trying to recreate the way they structure their sections.

On one page they completely overlay each section. Basically, section 2 doesn’t start to scroll until section 1 is completely off the screen (similar to the footer reveal that’s relatively common) – Link

On the other page (this one interests me more, and is giving me the most grief to nail down) section 2 starts moving once section 1 halfway scrolled upwards off the screen – Link

Any guidance or suggestions is greatly appreciated! I can share a read-only link of what I have but I don’t imagine it’ll do much other than just confuse people :joy:

Thanks in advance,

Hey Tanner! Welcome to the Webflow forum!

Take a look at this tutorial by @PixelGeek. He covers how to do this exact scrolling effect. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Tyler – thank you so much! Literally couldn’t have asked for a better response haha, really appreciate it!