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How to structure "Features" section with different URL's

Hi! Explained here:

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Your share link isn’t working. Did you resolve this?

How you link would depend on a couple of things first are using collections (CMS) or basic html?

Hi, no it’s not resolved. Try this link below, it’s a video screenshare that explains what I’m looking to do.

I’m not sure if I’m using CMS or basic html, actually this is the first website I’m creating and I’m not tech savvy. I think someone said that using Webflow’s CMS will cause problems if I try to upload the code to Azure (which is what I want to do). Do you have suggestions for how to structure things so that it can all be uploaded to Azure later?

Actually, I was referring to the share link for your webflow project so that I could take a look at how you have it structured.

I’ve never worked with Azure so can’t help you there.

Ah ok sure, I’ve never shared a project on Webflow before. How can that be done? Does sharing give others permission to edit the project or just to view it?

jdesign, is this the link to view the website draft on Webflow you needed?

Sharing just lets others look at the Designer and play with settings but they don’t change your actual site.

You could tackle this by using the CMS but like you said CMS projects can’t be exported. I don’t know what your use case is but mabye Webflow hosting would be better.

Anyway, based on your video you really have two things you need to work out. First, if you want the list to link out to other pages, you would need to turn your text into a link (click in the list element and highlight the text) and direct to the other page. If I understand you correctly, this would mean you need an individual page for each screen shot. Since the screen shot is in the middle of the page I’m thinking you would need the entire page and that’s duplicate content.

It might be better to use tabs and make them vertical (tab menu max 30%w and tab content float right 65%w float left). This could get a similar effect to what your are wanting.

Or you could use interactions to show and hide elements but it’s potentially going to get tricky managing that number of elements.

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