How to store e-mail from a input form?

Hey everybody,

I’m working currently on my first bigger project and until the product is developed I would like to approach interested users with my Landing page to get on my e-mail waiting list.

My idea was to and google sheets with webflow so all the mails are going to end up automatically in a google sheets document. I connected already cotter with google and can send test migrations and they end up in the file meaning from that site everything works.

My Problem now is if you enter the mail address in my form and click submit that it’s not getting send and instead it’s stuck because the form is just loading but nothing happens.

Anybody a better idea how to store emails?

Would be awesome.


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@EpocaVision, how’s it going?

So, I don’t know how comfortable you would be with this but you can use Wized to build out this functionality and have the emails stored in Airtable. From there, set up a Zapier automation between Airtable and google sheets so that everytime there are new emails are submitted they are put in google sheets.

If google sheets isn’t necessary, then I would recommend using Mailchimp because it’s more efficient and easier to setup with Webflow. Especially if you are just capturing leads.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hey @EpocaVision, I have used Integromat & MailerLite for one of my projects and it’s working great. I have also set it up so it sends a custom auto-responder through MailerLite.

The beauty with these is that I am currently on the free plan that serves my needs for up to 250 subscribers.

Hope this helps!