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How to stop box appearing briefly on page load


For any blogs on my site, for example this one:

I am going to implement the “download now” button that then brings up a sign up form to full page. However, as the page initially loads, there is a brief half a second where the sign up form flashes up before taking its state of not visible.

Is there a different way I could do this so that that box doesn’t flash up at all?

On my site, this is under the page “blog post template”

read only:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @williamsbrad1994

Try changing this to ‘set as initial state’ and see if there is a difference?


You my friend are a genius! :wink:

Not bad for early on a saturday morning (UK) must be good coffee! :coffee:

Can you tick the solution box just down there on the right? Helps when folks search for threads with solutions :+1:

I didn’t know that either haha.
Well there you go, you’ve already taught me two things this morning!
Get me some of that coffee

Actually, just double checked that and can’t see the ticks appearing in search results - oh well…it does at least mean when you view a thread you can quickly find the post that solves it, if there are a lot of posts!