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How to simulate a hover state as initial state?

Hey guys,

I have 20 elements with hover state and hover state that makes child element appear. I want to have one of those elements (Let’s say the first one) to appear as if it is already in hover mode (So that the child element will be visible.
Also, that when any other hover state is triggered - the first element will return to its normal state (hover out)

Can someone help me with that?
Thanks a-lot!

Hi @avivtech,

It would be easier to understand what you are trying to achieve with a read-only link to your project.
As for now, is your 20 elements a collection list or just 20 individual elements?



I am currently not able to share a read-only link. I can share the live website with you:

(The elements in the Network section, where the world map is)

any thoughts? :smiley: