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How to show multiple images from a collection-item in a lightbox?

I have a collection of flats (there can be up to hundred of flats).
In a multi-images field there are images stored which are associated with a single flat.

In the frontend it looks like this:

Goal Nr. 1
When clicking on the eye-icon, the associated images of the flat should open in a lightbox.

Goal Nr. 2
For example flats of type A share the same set of images.
To not repeat uploading the same images for each flat of that type I would like to create a second collection where I store images-sets per flat-type and link it (as a reference field) to the flat collection.
The goal here will also be to open that set of images in a lightbox when clicking on the eye-icon.

Goal Nr. 3
Adding a label to each image of a multi-image-field and show that label in the lightbox.

I’ve watched the multi-image- and the nested-collections-tutorials, but there seems no buildin solution for that case.

Does anybody know a way to solve that tasks?

Kind regards