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How to show and hide on click

Hello Experts,
I am trying to Create a design to show and hide a dive containing paragraph on click of ClickMe Button.

But when I try add new interactions on Click Trigger and Checked a Check Box “Affect Different Element(s)” I do not get A element to which I wish to hide and show even I have set its Name HiddenText.

Do Help

Gorakhnath Poul

Here is my public share link: LINK
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In order for the elment to show up it has to have only one class name.
If your element has, for example box HiddenText as classes, it won’t show up.

Now if it’s the case, there is a trick to make it work. Create a div, anywhere, giveit only the class you need to target, target it in the interaction and delete the new div. It will then affect your element with multiple classes.

Hello Vicent,
Actually problem is that when we check on “Affect Different Element” and type a Dive name to which we want to Hide Or show so there in sugestion list I do not get class name It shows +Add Text over ther.e.

Select the element in question in the designer, show the “style” tab and take a screenshot. Or give us the sharing preview link of your site (see first post of the forum)

I have shared here sceenshot…
When I click on this shoPara Element It Add one more element it the disgin…

Why this +Add Is coming to each class name Even It is created already…

Ignore the +Add thing if you like, just click on the name when it appears in blue. It means 'add this element as a target"

No but actually I want to affect this Hide and Show transition to My already created element But It is creating New one with same and affecting this transition to new one.

No no it’s not creating a new one. It’s targeting the one you’ve selected.

Yaaah Got It Thank you Boss…

For Your valuable Replay…

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