How To Show and Hide Elements/Sections by Scroll trigger not click


How To Show and Hide Elements/Sections by Scroll trigger not click
I actually want only 1/3 of my page to show at a time and prefer to not do it with clicking buttons to next area on page. bruceo

Did you try to watch tutorials?

This one might help you to understand how Scroll interaction works.

It is possible to do what you want and it is not hard, really :wink:

hI thank you for the info I have watched that video several times… I am not looking for a staggered effect I just want all of a section to show up completely over the first section etc… b

Sorry, not sure I can correctly understand your wish

Hi @bruceo, so you do not want a scrolling interaction? do you want all sections to be hidden until a button is pressed ? Would maybe a tabs widget be a solution for you?

Hy Cyberdave again… thank you for the followup… I sent you a reply to the other issues as well… ok I do not want a button to push… I do not want a new window to open (tab)

I just want a section to be viewed instead of the original section on the ABOUT US page when scrolling down as a Trigger… then scroll up to see beginning of page… I have 3 sections on the about us page and only want need one section to be viewed at a time… can you suggest something…

not sure it the scrolling trigger is what I am asking for or not? don’t want STAGGERED items to appear… just the whole section…

Maybe you have a different approach to this ? bruceo

Hi @bruceo, thanks, I will check into it :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

TROUBLE AGAIN… cannot REMOVE button transition wish to have 0 transition for links and buttons… won’t let me take the -5 away at all very very frustrating…

I am not a Fan of the HOVER tool… I keep selecting it and choose a color and it never gets attached to the links when hovering??? see the ABOUT ATP page… hover ain’t working for me … gave class names to the links like the video said … something is messed up …

I do have a section with the nav bar inside is this where my problem lives?

bruceo my share link

Hi @bruceo, Can you please update your post with screenshots or visual designs so we can help you faster?

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

From what it sounds like, you wish to have some content to be displayed and then replaced with new content when scrolled?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello thank you for all the help… attached is a Screen Shot of what I hope to accomplish.
If you can suggest a different way other than Scrolling other than using a button let me know?

Thank you saw the last video you sent… all works fine there… hopefully I can get my hover to start working… it looks simple in the video but in my navbar it is stuck… and won’t stay on …

thank you again… bruceo

Hello @bruceo

Are you trying for an effect like this?

Yes sir that is what I though your software does? What is my next step and can you give me instructions… Does WebFlow do this with it’s scroll trigger? b

That type of interaction is made with custom jquery code. You’ll need to do some custom coding for it.

For more information on custom code, please refer to this article:

OK I will be prepared to do just that now if only I can get one of you all to tell my why my HOVER does not work in my nav bar on Child Pages… very frustrating…

Did you mean with WEBFLOW? someone else suggested plug in? Was hoping to do this with WebFlow and without staggerd items just page scrolling options… bruceo