How to share images, videos, sounds, … with the highest quality

Hi, I hope this topic of mine appears in the forum and is of interest. In this article I will introduce to you, this is a world of utility applications for the Android operating system. You can search very easily, and download countless free applications such as whatsapp plus, YOWhatsapp, OGWhatsapp, … to help us connect, share images, videos, sounds, … high quality for easy, fast, thanks.

I suggest being more specific with your question and provide a conceptual example of what problem you are trying to solve. As it is it’s too vague for me to answer.

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I will learn from experience, thanks for your interest. I mean, I want to know what apps can do that.?

Please clarify this " I have a problem that I want to refer to is
how to share images, videos, sounds."
Where you want to share images, videos, and sound of the highest quality."

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