How To Setup Separate Class For Desktop?

Hello, can someone please tell me how to setup a desktop only class? Everytime I create a class, it keeps automatically adding it onto the mobile section as well. It’s because I want the site to look different on desktop vs how I did the mobile site, but everytime I make desktop changes, it keeps changing mobile and messing up the way it looks.

So I was messing around a little bit. Maybe I made a mistake. I was designing my site MOBILE first, then moving up to desktop. But should it be the opposite way? I see the lower mobile classes, they don’t seem to make changes to the upper classes?

So the way to design should be to start on desktop, then make changes as you go down the line to make it fit to mobile?

Interesting… I really wanted to do mobile first since mobile is so important today so I wanted to see how it looked there.

@mayweatherking Hey do you have a mobile and desktop design ready? If yes plese share me the design link.