How to setup a Webflow with Cloudflare CNAME flattening feature

Hi everyone,

My marketing team want us to setup a brand new Webflow website pointing a specific subdomain on one of our main domain.

They send us configuration and i’m wondering why Webflow need two A records on ‘@’ instead of just a CNAME ? can you share some technical explanation about this ?

Plus we’re using Cloudflare flattening on our root domain (which prevent us to add the needed records … by again, why do i need them ?). Of course, the target domain is already used by a lot of subdomains as-well-as as our root CNAME.

The target setup seems really limiting or push to use Webflow with a dedicated domain, which isn’t convenient at all.

Can you give some clarification about the current behavior ? And if possible, how to setup this subdomain with Cloudflare CNAME flattening ?

Thanks for your help,