How to set up personal website with cloneables on

I’ve seen that some people have their own personal websites on where they can show their work and upload cloneables. I have some questions about this.

  1. What is this feature (capability) called?
  2. How do I create my own personal page (i.e.
  3. How do I upload a project to that page?
  4. If I upload a project, can I designate it as a cloneable so that other people can make copies of it?
  5. Can I create one Webflow project, create a page that corresponds to a cloneable in that project, and make just that page a cloneable or do I have to put each cloneable in it’s own separate Webflow project and then upload that project?

Sorry if these are dumb questions but since I don’t know what this feature is called, I’m having trouble searching for answers to these questions.

Under site settings at the bottom of the first tab, you’ll see Showcase site.
Switched on, you’ll have the option to make it cloneable.
You’ll also have a link to edit your profile

Now that I know this feature is called “showcase”, I’ve discovered this page where you can showcase your site and designate it as a cloneable project.