How to set up folder structure?

I’m a bit confused as to how to set up a folder that contains an index page and then points to subpages. Say I want to build a website with a project overview page and inside that folder sit further project detail pages. Like so: (This is a page with an overview)

How do I set this up?

When I create a folder in my Pages panel with the name ‘projects’ it will create the slug ‘’. So this slug is now already used. How do I then create a Page with an overview that has that same slug?!

Hi brakai295,

I think this is a limitation of webflow unfortunately.


Other sites seem to make it work. Click on a post here and check the URL: Kipawa Blog

Replied to your tweet mate. But I thought I’d leave a note here in case others have the same question.
Basically you can use the same slug that you used for the folder to create a new page.

Alternatively, you could use a CMS set up if the structure of your individual project pages is the same.
You can then have a page which is /projects designed the way you like with a CMS list connected to the Projects collection.