How to set up email when hosting with Webflow


I want to set up an email so it can be anyname@mydomain that I have registered.
For example, instead of john@gmail/yahoo/aol etc., I would like

How can I do this?

Thank you!

  1. Sign up for an account with Zoho (free), or G Suite.

  2. Point MX records to their service as instructed.

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thank you for the quick reply!..are these the best ones? i wish i knew more about it. i registered the domain through namecheap…shouldnt it come from there rather than external sites?

Namecheap has their own email hosting service:

But, personally, I would go with G Suite

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Agreed. Rock solid choice. Plus you get the benefits of Gmail (and all the Google toys) as part of your domain, with additional options like custom domain logo, company-wide user controls, domain-level email routing, and a lot more.


thank you so much! appreciate it

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It’s been said already - but Zoho is free and is pretty good. You can use Zoho and then configure your personal email (Gmail) to import your Zoho email to your account so that you can basically use Gmail for your domain name email. If it’s business - and you’re willing to spend the bobs - go with G-Suite

Best of luck


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