How to set up a new slide properly in a slider?

Hello community members,
Our team is struggling with the setting of the slider.
We have a slider with two slides, each should feature a blog post. The first one is going great. However, once we actually feature the second blog post, the whole slide layout just changed totally. It became an overlap slide (one top one below) which is not normal.
Before we hit the button of “feature the blog post” it is a normal slider with two slides, but the second one and the first one are the same, as a copy. So we guess it’s the problem that we didn’t feature the second blog post, but the problem is once we feature it, the layout just changed totally.
What we want, is a slider featuring two different blog posts, but not overlapping each other. We want a normal “slider”.
We don’t know if it’s some setting problem and we cannot find the original template unfortunately.
It would be very much appreciated if someone could kindly help us.
Thank you.

Hello Cristophe,

You would need to send preview link here so wee can get a better grasp of the siituation and so we can help.



Yes sorry. Here’s the preview link:

Thank you!

Hey Chris,

First thing that needs adjusting is you need to limit your collection. You limited it to 2 items which is how many you want but that is not how it works. You need 2 slides and insidee of each of those you need a sepparate collection which shows ONLY 1 item. First Slide needs collection that starts from 1 and shows 1 and second slide needs collection that starts from 2 and shows 1 ( Both of them need featured filter). Also the way you have it set up at the moment you have only 1 featureed item in your CMS rather than 2, so you need to make another featured blog.

As for them overlapping that could be one of two things ( we are not sure which you are reffering to so we’ll go through both cases) :

  1. You could mean by saying overlapping the fact that inside your colllections you have 2 iteems on every slide (and they are overllapping since you havee absolutee position sett up which we explained how you can fix at the start of this reply) and once you apply that they won’t oveerlap in that sense.
    2)You could meaen by saying overlapping the fact that slider cross fades to next slide rather than slides, you can adjust that by selecting slider element and adjusting it here all the way to the right side wheree it says slideer settings:

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Thanks for the help.
In order to better explain what we mean by the slides are “overlapping” after we feature the blog post, we include a video here:
We don’t know what should we do to avoid this overlapping and go back to the normal slider which features two different blog posts.
Please check the video and let us know your feedback.
If you need us to record more details, just feel free to let us know.
Thank you.


Yes we fixed the problem! Thank you so much for your help. :blush:

Best regards
Coloc Housing Team