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How to set up a directory (review) website


I need help structuring (collections on) my website and setting up dynamic content via google sheets (with Zapier).

This is a bit more than confusing and am not sure how to move forward with this — I’d be very grateful to anyone who can guide and help me.

Please see below:

About the Site:
• The website is a mini rug directory and review site
• The website will list approx 50-100 rug brands (each brand consists of a brand logo, brand image, thumbnail image, contact info, web URL)
• Each brand consists of 5-7 products
• Each Product has 7 variants
• The website does not sell any products

• How should the product collection be set up…? Do we need to create a separate collection for each brand?

I’d want to pull all content (and images) from a google sheet via Zapier (be it the brand or the products information)
• How should the sheet be structured? Can all products be on one sheet?
• Can the BRAND collection and PRODUCTS collection sync that Products from brand A syncs to Brand A, and Products from brand B syncs to Brand B?

Hoping I was clear about what I’m having difficulties with and what I’m trying to accomplish.

Thank you,


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Hey @Ash_Lee – we’ve got you covered on the review part of your project!
Our Reviews app is specifically for Webflow CMS and Webflow Ecommerce.

Holler if you have any questions!

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I’d like to incorporate a reviews feature, question is, since this is not an ecommerce site, how can I tell if the reviews are authentic?

Hey @Ash_Lee – we have a feature for this on our Reviews App for Webflow CMS and Ecom sites. Check out that link and scroll to “Verified Buyer”

Feel free to follow up with us via email if you have any questions!

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