How to set top and bottom positions on Sticky right navigation

I’m working on a client project where they want sticky navigation on the right to allow users to jump to each section. I’ve accomplished that, but they want the sticky navigation to start in section 1 and end in section 5. It currently starts in the hero image and ends in the footer. Is there a way to set the top and bottom positions?

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Hi @Medijoy, I’d imagine this may need a custom interaction solution.

Something long the lines of letting the meny appear/disappear when it gets to that respective section you’re after. Might be a little tricky to replicate this across different pages, if required, as the trigger that hides/reveals the menu will also need to be on or setup on these pages, hopefully makes sense.

Thank you @domin8tor. I will give your idea a try and let you know if it works. Happy day to you : )

@domin8tor Scrolling into view is tricky, because the menu lives in a div block below the hero image, so it is in view on page load. What I did was delay the appearance by 3 seconds with page load, so visually it is out of the header when someone first comes to the page. Still not ideal. There must be some way to set a top and bottom position for sticky items.

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