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How to set the Tab element up with background images to show different images when a tab is selected

Hey! How to make the switch only for your own unit?

Hi @semenkov, thanks for the question. I am not entirely sure though, what you mean. Could you elaborate a bit? Maybe some screenshots?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the answer. Watch the video

Hello Sergey :smiley: (@semenkov)

I would suggest using tabs widget for have functionality that you want. It will take less time and pain. All you will need is add small thumbnail inside the tab-links and big images inside the tab-panes.


Используй Таб-виджет и избавь себя от проблем с анимацией и сэкономь время. :wink: Тот же эффект что тебе нужен. Маленькие изображения запросто можно поставить внутрь таб-линков а большие - в таб-панели.



A good idea! Thank you.

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