How to set the Current pseudo class when using multiple navigation bars

Hi, is there a way to set current state for two levels in navigation? I am creating a site with sub menu, but only level two/sub menu has current state after I navigate deeper into the site. I would like to have current state on both selected category in main menu and sub menu. Here is the site example:

Category selected in main menu:
Category selected in sub menu:


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Hi @biodust, this is something I did in a demo a while back - it may not be 100% what you’re trying to achieve but might get you pretty close.

Page Title: Multiple Navigation Bars

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, @thewonglv , the effect you have created is the one I’m after, but your approach uses one url and section nav. Then you are able to achieve it. My site is using url twice to get to the level two page, not sure if it’s possible then? This would be a really great feature, and a good way to tell the user where he is in the sitemap. A user friendly feature that I mean is best practice. Please advise.

Love webflow and the new cms btw :smile:


Fixed it with some javascript :smile:

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