How to set starting point / Startpunkt auf Homepage festlegen

When I access the homepage I am taken directly to “Philosophy”.
Why doesn’t the page start at the top?

Unfortunately I can’t get any further and am grateful for every tip!

Thank you and have a nice WE!


Wenn ich die Homepage aufrufe werde ich direkt zum Punkt “Philosophie” geführt.
Warum startet die Seite nicht ganz oben?

Ich komme leider nicht weiter und bin für jeden Tip dankbar!

Danke und ein schönes WE!


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hi @Se_Cj this issue is solved many times on this forum. It actually doesn’t take you to “Philosophy” section but to form first input. The reason is that you have set input to be in focus on page load.

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It seems like you’re referring to a specific website where the homepage automatically scrolls to the “Philosophy” section instead of starting at the top.

  1. Design Choice: The website’s design may have been intentionally created to start at a particular section or anchor point. This could be to highlight important content or create a specific user experience. In such cases, it may be the intended behavior of the website.

  2. Technical Issue: It’s possible that there is a technical issue or bug causing the automatic scrolling to the “Philosophy” section. This could be due to coding errors or conflicts with certain scripts or plugins on the website. If this is the case, it would require the attention of a web developer to investigate and fix the issue.

If you’re experiencing difficulties navigating further on the website due to this behavior, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Scroll Up: After the page loads and takes you to the “Philosophy” section, try manually scrolling back up to the top of the page using your mouse scroll wheel, keyboard arrow keys, or the scroll bar on the side of the browser window.

  2. Contact the Website Owner: If the issue persists and you’re unable to navigate further or access other sections of the website, consider reaching out to the website owner or administrator. They may be able to provide assistance or resolve the issue on their end.

  3. Try a Different Browser or Device: Sometimes, website behavior can vary depending on the browser or device you’re using. If possible, try accessing the website using a different browser or device to see if the issue persists.