How to set nav logo as link?

Hi folks - I am trying to link, or rather edit an existing link, from the logo in the top left hand corner of a homepage. I can’t work out if the existing link is embedded in the SVG or part of a class or DIV? - when I hover over the logo I can see there is a link, but it doesn’t appear to be ‘wrapped’ around the SVG… the link area seems a little ‘below’ the image?

The idea is that it functions like the sister site -

Any advice much appreciated…

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi @jacobite your SVG logo just do nothing as it is not wrapped with anchor tag to take redirect effect. To make an image to be link you can add link-block choose page to link to and place your logo inside.

Hope this will solve your request

@Stan - many thanks for taking the time to reply Stan, much appreciated. Your suggestion makes sense, though I do wonder why a ‘link block’ was not required to achieve the same functionality in the ‘sister site’ below?

Any thoughts?


That is a simple answer @jacobite the SVG is wrapped in anchor inside embed.

Hope this will solve your request

thanks @Stan - that’s what I thought, and it exists in the SVG, but it’s still not linking back… perhaps I’ve not closed a tag somewhere?

that’s correct @jacobite as you have missing 2 group and 1 anchor closing tags . Your SVG code should end like this,
</g> </g> </g> </svg> </a>

thanks @Stan - that certainly seemed to ‘close’ the tags, many thanks - though the ‘hot area’ for the link still seems to reside below the logo. Is that to do with the viewbox area?

Hi @jacobite this has to do with your incorrect navigation layout. Once set correctly with help of flex and correct positioning settings all works as expected.

OK thanks - so layout of the DIVs, not within the SVG?

yes whole navbar need to be redesigned as there is many issues.

yeah, I know - I have inherited the project and picking apart someone else’s code is never easy. I need to look at the nav bar - I have no idea how that ‘hot area’ is being created :frowning:

It is always better to learn some CSS basics to know what, how and why before looking on someone else code to have better understanding. :wink:

do you have further questions?