How to set Lottie Animation as fixed and cover background?

Hello I have made gradient animation in After effects and exported as .JSON file.

My idea was to set it up as a background that will be fixed in the view and change the colors on he scroll.

The problem is that I cant find a way to set it up as a background that will be cover, so i don’t have white space on the sides or top and bottom when stretching the browser or making it smaller.

Can you please help me how to do this or if there is a way to set up free form gradient background animation in webflow without using Lottie animation. ??

Thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link: **

Hey, @Bali this post will be some sort of help for ya try implementing it.

wow thank you so much this is what i was looking for. I will try this out hopefully it will work thank you so much.

Brilliant! Thank you!! Love how you designed your site experience - really great application of the tech…