How to set 'Current' navlink state on nested pages?

On my website: we have some pages that are nested inside folders.

We even have one dropdown menu item “Apps” which has two children. Also, we have a Blog pages that has a list of posts and then you can click on a post to go to that post.

On any of these “nested” pages in the url, the nav link state of ‘Current’ is not available… So when you select a child in a dropdown menu no menu nav links are considered active.

Is there anyway to assign the current state to a pages children? i.e. …/blog/posts/slug-item should highlight “Blog”

You can test it here if you click in to view a particular post.

Hey Brenden!

I just made a solution + tutorial + code snippet to solve this for you :slight_smile:

You can check it out here → #88 - Show Current State For CMS, Folder Links | Webflow Powerups