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How to set appropriate pixel values for a photo to align with other picture?

Currently image A is not as same size as image A-1, so image A does not align with B.
Anyone knows that how to set a new size for image A like image A-1, so that image A would align with image B? How to know the exact pixel values?

Like setting a fixed height for both?

I tried but it did not work out…
The picture distorts eventually.

Then use background image with size “cover” instead.

Where is the function?

It’s not immediately obvious but go to the background section in the style’s tab on the right and click on the name of the image which is a link to a flyout menu where you will find the display options for background images.

Still does not work out…
I really don’t where the problem is…
I attached my settings here please check it.

Delete the images and put a div in its place. Set div’s background-image setting to the CMS item’s image.

Then scroll down to the background section, add a default background and click the “cover” button.

thank you for your reply.
I was wondering that how to Set div’s background-image setting to the CMS item’s image.
It is also in the tab of “Style” ?

Setting “background-image” for image component doesn’t do anything, as the image will cover the background-image.

You have to DELETE the image, then replace it with a div, then set background-image for the div instead.

I followed your instruction but…as you can see in the attached screenshot…


Now you will have to set a height, let’s say 240px, and width of 100%.

Do the same for the left column.

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