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How to set an image full span in a section?

Hello there!

I’m a newbie to webflow, so I appreciate all the help!!!

I’m thinking about doing something like this for the top section of homepage.

However, it looks like these below when I upload on the “hero section” as background image. It is either repeating or somewhat cut off.

I wonder what is the best way to display my image in its desired size? Should I alter the width of the image? Or should I split the image into two and put a column in the hero section and put two images in it (left and right) separately?

Here is the link to my project:


Hi @Jason_Runyuan_Chen, thanks for the good question. I would probably suggest styling that as an image widget:

I hope this helps!

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Oh wow thank you so much for this video! Much appreciated!! :DDDD

And interesting hmm, I guess next time I would just have to try and toggle among background image and image widget until I get my desired state?


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