How to set an ID for Rich Text parent node

Hi all, I’m experiencing an issue where the option to set an ID on a Rich Text Field parent is disabled. The Element Settings panel shows the same message that appears when trying to set an ID on a child element ("Editing ID and Visibility settings is disabled etc…). Can anyone verify that it’s possible to set an ID on a RTF parent node?

I’ve started a blank project to troubleshoot this issue, linked below.

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Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow Test Site

Hey Andy, want to share your read-only project link?

Yes I started a blank project just to test the issue, linked now in the original post. When I select the Rich Text Block, I am not given the option to assign an ID.

Yes I’m seeing that as well, and the message indicated is inconsistent.
Looks like a bug to me, you should drop a message to webflow support.

Not ideal, but you could probably work around the issue for now by just wrapping it in a DIV and ID’ing that, but seems like an unnecessarily added level of DOM.


Thanks Michael, appreciate the second look. I have a request into support as well.

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Thanks Andy, please share their response, it will be good to know if this is a long-term situation.

FYI Webflow support confirmed this is a bug and do not have any timeframe for it to be fixed. They suggested wrapping the RTF in a DIV as a workaround in meantime.

?? This is a bug that should have a lot more urgency. Because of this bug, I am also not able to REMOVE a previously added ID from an RTF.

Also, wrapping it in a div creates issues for me due to custom code.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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What you post here is mostly invisible to the support team.

For feature enhancements, your best way to get any visibility is using the Wishlist, because it has a voting feature that helps Webflow identify the top feature needs and prioritize.

For bugs, support is that channel. You should definitely message support so that they can record the bug, and add your specific problem scenario. Otherwise it won’t survive bug triage when the team decides what needs attention each day.

Lately, the support team has even been quite good at contacting me back when a new fix is released. I really appreciate that.

Any update here? Would love to be able to update ids

May 2023 and still no fix for a relatively small bug. Come on Webflow :neutral_face:

Probably doesn’t help that the post is marked as “Solved”.

Still encountering this issue…

I find it frustrating that this issue still persists. I dislike having to add a bunch of Div’s to my page just so I can link to them with an anchor.

Problem still exists. Very annoying. If this were a fresh install, wrapping the rich text in a div would be a decent solution. However, most of my rich text elements already had IDs on them, and now I can’t update anything.