How to set alignments and put new content in bound elements of pricing table?

Hey Everyone, hope you are all doing good.
Sorry for disturbing you guys with my questions. I urgently need a solution to these problems in which I am stuck for days.

  1. The First one is that If you go to the services page of my website in “mobile-view” the alignments of each table is out and I can’t understand how to set everything perfect as it was before. I keep trying it again and again but it’s not working at all.

I want every table to look like this in the picture below.


  1. My second question is also related to these pricing tables in which I have to add new content which I am unable to do as it seems that every element is bound and if I’m changing content in one row then it’s editing on all the tables in the page.

Would be helpful if anyone can help me with this as I’m new to web flow and my experience with it is not going so well.


Here is my public share link: