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How to Serve Geographic Based Content

I am unable to serve geographic based content.

I have the following.

  1. page
  2. Order online checkout (shipping)

I would like the following.

IF proximity is <5 miles,

  1. page
  2. Visit Retail Location HERE (no shipping) (to closest location)
  3. Serve retail content to one of 12 locations <5 miles proximity.
  4. Do not serve retail content to national audience.

How do I serve content based on device proximity?

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Hi there! Here is solution worth checking out: Geo Targetly.

It can identify your website visitors’ physical location, like country, state, city by IP using IP geolocation technologies.

Its particular tool: Geo Content can dynamically display location-specified content, like banner, forms and etc. It can simply present visitors their local shops, and increase customer conversion rate.

Be aware, geolocation technologies can’t be as accurate as 5 miles distance though.It works better at larger areas, and can only come down to city level now.

Hope it helps!