How to send email capture from CMS-generated pages to different lists

Hi there,

Going to try to explain what i’d like to do simply:

  • I have ‘Event’ pages that are generated through a CMS Collection (Events Collection)
  • On each ‘Event’ page, I have an email capture form
  • I’d like to send the captured email addresses from EACH CMS-generated page to SEPARATE lists.
    (Meaning I would like to send email addresses from the form in ‘Event 1’ page to a ‘Google sheet 1’ and email addresses from the form in ‘Event 2’ page to ‘Google Sheet 2’)

I’ve been doing email capture and similar interactions so far through Zapier but i’ve never done it from CMS-generated pages… and I can’t get my head around how it would work.

Is that at all possible?
Thanks for taking the time.