How to sell Webflow to a client?

Hi all,

I am a lover of Webflow and everything it has to offer. But I am having a hard time selling it to clients, because for them It is more expensive and it has less to offer than other solutions such as Wordpress in combination with their current hosting plans.

Most of my clients already have a website and they run it on Wordpress. So they have a domain name and hosting, this hosting comes with an email solution so they also use that hosting as their mail server.

Now I have to sell Webflow to them, so they have to get rid of Wordpress but they can’t get rid of their hosting because that’s also their email server… it is too much of a hassle to sell Webflow to these clients. Also because It’s way more expensive than the Wordpress + current hosting solutions.

How would I be able to sell it to clients? Have a super hard time.

Also for me It has double costs since I also would need to upgrade my workspace in order to work on multiple websites…

Really wondering what the benefits etc. are?

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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Hi @breevoortdesign :wave: welcome to forum

There is no one good answer. It depends a lot on you, your needs, what clients you go after, and their needs.

But here are a few starting points about selling Webflow services:

Here’s another post in this form that walks through some of the benefits with examples & companies that have transitioned from Wordpress to Webflow.

Another good option is to search Twitter, lots of Webflowers selling client services talking about how they approach those sales.

Hope that helps!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it.

Could you help me maybe with the following questions?

How would it work with client billing now that that feature is gone? Do I have all my clients on my own workspace or do I need to get invited into the client workspaces? That will be a problem because not all my clients have a credit card since that is not a common payment method in our country.

How would you go about this?

Thanks in advance!

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Billing depends on your client, and from the sounds of it, your country. Hard for me to suggest much.

But, this may help in terms of onboarding: Agency or Freelancer Guest role | Webflow University