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How to Sell activation codes for digital products

I want to start selling our desktop software products via webflow.
Our products use some copy protection, which the user unlocks with an activation code.
So in effect it is the activation code which we are selling.

Can this be done with the Webflow ecommerce tools?
I see the option to sell a file download, but that’s no use since it’s the activation code which the user needs.
Ideally there would be an inventory of codes for each product and webflow would take one and deliver it for each purchase.

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Hi @thecargocult

currently we don’t have a native way of distributing activation codes / serial numbers for digital downloads and software. As you’ve mentioned there’s an option to sell a digital download, where you can provide a File name and File URL (files need to be hosted externally), but we’re looking on improving this experience in the future.

If you think support for activation codes would be something that we should think about adding, feel free to add your idea to our Wishlist, so we can better prioritize features:

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Yeah, this is how most software is sold. The download isn’t a big deal, it’s the serial number, unlock code or activation code which we need to “ship” and manage as inventory.

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Im actually kind of surprised so few platforms support this considering its pretty much the standard for distribution of software activation and in game codes. It feels like a pretty sizable hole in the market.

Hi @thecargocult.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with Foxy, but you’ll probably need Zapier/Integromat and Google Sheets/Airtable. In a nutshell, after an order is placed in Foxy, grab the next available activation code, store customer info with the code, email customer, etc.

More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: