How to select second class of image when using it as a target in an animation?


I’m trying to create a hover over animation for my thumbnail images (very common effect) where text shows up and opacity of image goes down on hover.

I have a grid, with a div block in two sections of the grid with a shared class of ‘Thumbnail Block’ inside of each div block is a different image - and I’m guessing different images can’t share the same class? It won’t let me change them to have matching classes. So I figure if I go with a combo class and give them both the class of ‘Thumbnail Image’ then I could use this class to select the images as a target for my animation?

However, when I go to change the target for my animation, it only lets you pick a target by clicking on it on screen and it auto fills with it’s first class. Is there not a way to manually pick which class of the image I’d like the animation to target? I don’t want to have to create individual animations for each thumbnail? If it could target the shared class they have ‘Thumbnail Image’ theoretically I could apply the same animation to each div block and it would work?

Thanks for any advice.

HI @kbeats

Please post a link to your site so we can have a better look -

As for classes - you can have same class for all images you just have to name them the same in the “selector” and it will give each image the same format that is associated with this class… and once that is done you can have the interaction work on all of the images with that class…